Monday, October 28

500 Choice
300 Pull
200 IM Drill
2 x [300 pull @ 4:15 (build)
      200 Swim @ 3:00 (FAST!)
      100 Kick @ 2:00]
600 No Walls (100 Swim/50 Tarzan)
4x250 @ 3:50 (200 Pull/50 Kick)
400 w/Fins (No Walls)
200 Cool Down
*4400 total*

400 Choice
200 Pull
100 drill
2 x [300 pull @ 6:00 (build)
      200 Swim @ 4:00 (FAST!)
      100 Kick @ w/:30 rest]
300 No Walls (100 Swim/50 Tarzan)
4x200 @ 4:30 (150 Pull/50 Kick)
300 w/Fins (No Walls)
200 Cool Down
*3500 total*

300 Choice
200 Pull
100 drill
300 pull w/:30 rest (build)
200 Swim w/:20 rest (FAST!)
100 Kick w/:20 rest]
300 No Walls (100 Swim/50 Tarzan)
4x150 w/:30 rest (100 Pull/50 Kick)
200 Cool Down
*2400 total*


Isengrijn said...

Thanks for posting swim workouts, as an individually training swimmer, it is very helpfull!

I never get the difference between "pull", "drill" and "kick". Pull is only using your arms and kick only using your legs, but what then is drill?

Gr. Dexter

Dexter said...

Thanks for posting these workouts. For an individually training athlete it's very usefull!
But what I never get, as a non-native speaker, is what the terms pull, drill and kick mean in these training context. Can you explain that?

santé said...

Question: When it is 200 swim w/:20 rest is that 20 seconds at the end of the 200 or 20 seconds after each 50 or 100?

Thanks so much for the workouts, getting back to the pool after a couple of years off!

santé said...

@Isengrijin and Dexter - if you look at the tab on the page "Terms and definitions" you will see the difference between "pull", "drill", and "kick"

Shanks said...

Sante: that would be 20 seconds rest at the end of the 200.

Shanks said...

Pull: use either a swim buoy (floaty thing you put between your legs) and/or swim paddles on your hands.
Kick: Yes, only using your legs. You can kick using a kick board or kick on your back in a streamline position.
Drill: This would be a swimming drill where you focus on an aspect of the stroke. Examples are Catch Up drill, 6/3/6 drill, Tarzan drill, and so forth. A lot of these are explained on this site (look at the Drill tab) but also has a lot of references.

K in Canada said...

Thank you for these workouts, they have really helped me get an excellent workout when at the pool, as opposed to just swimming lengths and making stuff up as I go. Now I write my workout on a small board and away I go. Have done half a dozen now and am hooked.

Isengrijn said...

Thanks for the answer! Sorry for any double-post.
I look forward to go swimming now.