Thursday, February 7

With the sudden name/address change for the blog, I've received quite a few emails from followers and fans of the swim workouts.

Thank you to everyone that emailed me to let me know the blog was "missing" and "not found".

It is always a pleasure to read personal stories of how the workouts have helped/inspired/motivated/encouraged/spiced-up/enhanced/etc your swim training. I have been swimming competitively for 25 years and I know how much of a difference a creative workout can do for your mentality and sanity. It is a pleasure to provide these unique workouts for my swimmers in Clermont, Florida and for the rest of you all around the world!

Please spread the word about the blog site and I wish everyone Happy Swimming!

Coach Sara:)


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate you posting these workouts. I absolutely love that you provide 3 different levels. Helps the beginner swimmer like me. Someday soon I'll move out of the "C" category and up to "B"! Thank you Sara!

Anonymous said...

I had a few minutes of panic the other day when "blog not found" came up! Luckily I stayed calm and found out the new site and I could continue to follow your workouts in Michigan! Thank you, @scheck48

rugbyleague said...

I was the same my Triathlon club love these workouts!

Anonymous said...

Yes- many of us out here love your workouts!!! Glad to find you again.
Caroline in Eden Prairie, MN

paul said...

Your Fleming Island followers (all four of us) were dismayed Friday at the apparent loss of your blog. I did a little detective work this afternoon and have found you again.

I remain thankful that you are apparently in good health and humor and still writing workouts.

Keep them coming!

Paul W. Nichols

Anonymous said...

So happy to find the blog!! This is the BEST site for master swim workouts. I swim with a group of 40-50 year old women.Your workouts offer incredible variety and challange. Thank you so much for these fantatic workouts!

Boris said...

Glad,I found site again.
Best workouts.

Ajal said...

as do I. I'm from St Cloud MN currently going to school at SCSU, swimming in my free time following these workouts. Thanks Sarah