Wednesday, February 20

500 choice warm up
8x75 @ 1:20 (kick/drill/swim by 25)
8x50 @ :60 (with Band only)
4x300 swim @ 5:30 (descend 1-4)
4x300 pull @ 5:30 (descend 1-4)
300 cool down (50 back/50 swim)
*4200 total*

500 choice warm up
8x75 @ 1:45 (kick/drill/swim by 25)
8x50 @ 1:15 (with Band only)
4x200 swim @ 3:45 (descend 1-4)
4x200 pull @ 3:45 (descend 1-4)
300 cool down (50 non-free/50 swim)
*3400 total*

400 choice warm up
4x75 w/:15 rest (kick/drill/swim by 25)
4x50 w/:15 rest (with Band only)
3x200 swim w/:20 rest (descend 1-4)
3x200 pull w/:20 rest (descend 1-4)
300 cool down (50 non-free/50 swim)
*2400 total*


sk said...

I have been coming to your website for a few weeks now and really enjoy the workouts you post. I have a question about today's: what does "with band only" mean.


Sara McLarty said...

Hi Sk,
Thanks for your message.
A band is a small elastic loop that you use to wrap your ankles together. We usually use 1/3 of a bike inner-tube (cut then tied together in a knot).
Slide one foot through, twist the band 180 degrees then slide the other foot through the remaining loop.
Happy Swimming
Coach Sara:)