Wednesday, October 17

I can't help but post the amazing emails that I get from swimmers around the world! It is my pleasure to share creative and fun (but still challenging) workouts with swimmers like this one who struggle to get in the water after a lifetime of swimming!
I deal with enter-the-water-itis on a daily basis and emails like this are personal motivation for me!
So the thanks are for each one of YOU!


Hi Sara,
I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you!

I was sidelined from running a couple months ago so I took to my roots, swimming. However years ago swimming and I had a bad breakup. Growing up I got so burnt out on swimming that I begged to quit, but was convinced over and over to continue to swim on.

When I first got back in the water those bad feelings and sour memories came flooding back, even after a 17 year hiatus. Then I discovered your web site. I have been following your workouts for a few months now and there is no way I would have stuck with swimming for that long without your blog!

I am starting to slowly mix running back in, but continue to swim. I now see this as not a temporary workout change, but rather a more permanent workout enhancement. An enhancement, that I solely place on the quality, frequency and variety your workouts.

Thanks for helping me get through this injury and helping me discover an appreciation for swimming that I had long lost.

I am sure you have far more followers than you realize!


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