Tuesday, June 14

I recently received this email:
Hi Sara, I am a Masters swimmer in Lincoln City, Oregon. I was just looking for some fun workouts your workouts look like they will be fun and different. I just have one question what is a 6-3-6 drill?
It is very similar to a lot of emails that receive from around the country and all over the world. People are sometimes confused by how I describe sets or the terms I use for drills and fun activities in the water.

To answer Lori (and everyone else's) questions, please click on the links to the other pages of this blog. The links are right above this post ------^ labeled "Freestyle Swimming Drills" and "Terms & Definitions". If you have ANY questions about the workouts...please check both these pages for an explanation...and THEN email me if you can't find the answer!

Thanks for following the workouts, enjoy & happy swimming :)

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