Friday, September 25

600 choice warm up
12x50 @ :60 (4x: kick/swim, drill/swim, swim/build...reverse IM order)
5x200 pull @ 2:50 smooth
12x25 @ :40 (IM order...all STRONG!)
5x150 pull @ 2:05 smooth
12x25 @ :40 (from the middle of the pool...FAST turns...IM order)
5x100 pull @ 1:25 smooth
6x50 @ :60 IM switch (fly/back, breast/free)
200 cool down
*4500 Total*

500 choice warm up
9x50 @ 1:10 (3x: kick/swim, drill/swim, swim/build)
4x200 pull @ 3:45 smooth
10x25 @ :45 (one easy, one STRONG!)
4x150 pull @ 3:00 smooth
8x25 @ :45 (from the middle of the pool...FAST turns)
4x100 pull @ 1:55 smooth
200 cool down
*3400 Total*

400 choice warm up
9x50 w/:30 rest (3x: kick/swim, drill/swim, swim/build)
3x200 pull w/:30 rest (smooth)
8x25 w/:20 rest (one easy, one STRONG!)
3x150 pull w/:30 rest (smooth)
8x25 w/:20 rest (from the middle of the pool...FAST turns)
3x100 pull w/:30 rest
100 cool down
*2700 Total*

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Katherine said...


Thanks so much for posting these. I recently got back in the water after several years abscence and its so nice to have some guidance. A couple of my friends (novice swimmers) have even joined in and we are having a great time. We all do some variation of your workout. I know it helps us push ourselves. Thanks again!