Friday, July 31

Fun Day at the Pool!

300 (swim)
300 (kick/swim by 50)
300 drill/swim by 50)
5 minutes: Vertical Kick (30 sec easy w/ hands below water, 30 sec HARD w/hands out of water)
5x50 w/Tennessee Tumbler Turns (go underwater @ the flags, turn underwater, try to kick out to flags before coming up for air)
5x100 Suicides (swim 15m, flip, come back to wall, swim 20 meters, flip, come back to wall, swim 25 meters, flip, come back to wall; rest :60)
3x100 (#1: Head-Up/swim by 50, #2: Doggy-Paddle/swim by 50, #3:Cork-Screw/swim by 50)
5x25 Underwaters...try to kick as far as you can underwater; rest :60
RELAYS!! Even Coach Sara got in the pool make the relay team #s even:)
1: freestyle
2: IM (each person does a different stroke)
3: pull buoy (must pass off buoy like a baton)
4: Add-A-Person (gain a relay-mate every turn)
200 cool down

*Enjoy a fun day at the and race with your friends, family, teammates:)

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